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Kind to the planet

SORAYA HENNESSY is synonymous with sustainable practices. Each bag is handwoven in the comfort of our artisans own homes, meaning no factories, machines or mass-production play a part in the creation process

Female Empowerment 

Each bag sold by SORAYA HENNESSY works towards advancing the economic rights of Wayuu women, empowering them to become entrepreneurs themselves, and encouraging innovation, education and training for them and their families. 

Global Appeal 

SORAYA HENNESSY brings the mystical creations of the Wayuu people to women all over the world, and is stocked at international shopping outlets across the globe.


“To be a woman is to know how to weave.” – The Wayuu Tribe

When a Wayuu woman weaves a traditional mochila, her work tells a story, describes her dreams, and, essentially, reflects the desires of her soul. This careful art has been passed down from generation to generation, and each piece serves to tell the story of the wearer. It is said that no bag tells the same story.


SORAYA HENNESSY bags incorporate modern principles into this ancient discipline, in the form of exquisite bamboo and gold handles, acrylic chains and tasteful hidden pockets for your cell phone. Inspired by her travels all over the world and the languages she speaks, Soraya has designed unique, playful words onto mochilas in over 5 different languages including English, Spanish and Arabic.


Her work has that East meets West aesthetic, with a dash of Latina thrown In.” Vogue India

Soraya is a global citizen - born and raised in Maracaibo, Venezuela, she was educated in Chicago and moved to Abu Dhabi where she founded SORAYA HENNESSY in 2016. She currently lives with her husband in Los Angeles, CA.


Through launching SORAYA HENNESSY, Soraya set out on a journey to shed a positive light on her home country, Venezuela, and to support the Wayuu artisan women with whom she shares so much of her heritage. Each collection, with its vibrant patterns and bold tones, serves to bridge the gap between the international customer and its indigenous creators, never losing sight of the mythological story that underpins each piece. Soraya’s mission is to bring Wayuu women and their craft to the international fore, ensuring that their culture is celebrated and remembered - never lost or forgotten.


By working closely with the Wayuu women, SORAYA HENNESSY is at the head of a movement of local designers who shun the model of mass-production that is so common in today’s fashion world. Instead, Soraya and her team favour slow, artisanal practices, fostering a respect for their heritage and creating a positive vision for the future.


Now stocked at international fashion destinations like Luisa Via Roma, Stylebop, Shopbop, Everything but Water, and The One and Only Hotels, SORAYA HENNESSY’s global appeal is showing no sign of slowing down. Her work has also been featured in global fashion publications Harper’s Bazaar, People en Español, Marie Claire, and Grazia.

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