Meet Our Artisans

The Artisans


In the Wayuu culture the art of weaving is the ultimate demonstration of creativity and wisdom. As the saying goes, “tejemos para comer” - or - we weave so we can eat.

The creation of a mochila is no small undertaking. The process starts by placing a single cotton thread in a wooden loom, and can take up between 10 to 25 days depending on the complexity of the pattern. The legend goes that Wayuu women were originally taught to create these intricate designs to mirror the delicate webs created by a spider-like deity by the name of Wale´Kerü.

Each pattern holds specific meaning to the weaver, and one single bag requires a huge amount of physical and emotional energy to create. Not only does the Wayuu technique of hand-weaving result in magical creations - each bag is strong, sturdy and as durable and long-lasting as the ancient weaving techniques that were employed to create it.

A Wayuu descendant herself, Soraya became familiar with all these accessories and techniques from birth, which helps her to immerse herself in the design process of each collection. Through her work, Soraya gives the Wayuu women a platform to showcase their handiwork to the wider world, and in doing so has succeeded in catching the attention of women across the globe.

Working closely with both The Wayuu and Usiacuri women and men, Soraya has developed a unique, transparent design process that begins by choosing the natural materials together all the way through to the finished product. Her designs feel energetic and purposeful, and the careful thought that goes into each piece is clear to see for any SORAYA HENNESSY customer.


Age: 29

Specializes in our Iraca Baskets

Ana Julia 

Age: 67
Passed down from generation to generation, Ana has taught her daughter and now her grandson how to weave. 


Age: 25
Taught by her mom, Leidys started weaving at the young age of 8.


Age: 32

"Me sorprende ver hasta donde llega nuestra artesania" 


Age: 29
Elementary teacher, mom of three and one of our key artisans in Colombia.


Age: 35
"I grew up seeing my grandmother, dad and mom weave, for me is an honor to be an artisan.


Age: 53
A father of 6, a master artisan and a team leader in Colombia, Virgilio focuses on bringing our new designs to life


Age: 30
Adds the final touches to our mochilas in Colombia including our woven label, d-rings and gold broche.


Age: 43

Edilma lives in Usiacuri, Colombia where is handweaves our small iraca accessories used to adorn our handbags. 


Age: 64
"My mom taught me how to weave mochilas and now I've taught my daughter, she's better than me now."


Age: 54
A team leader in Venezuela, she focuses on handcrafting our brand new "shoppers."


Age: 30
A master artisans with over 10 years of experience, focused on handcrafting our midi size mochilas.