Blue Werregue Tote

Product Review
  • Handmade crocheted cotton bag
  • Werregue handles
  • Open top 
  • Dust bag included
  • NOTE: Due to the nature of the handmade process, the black spots may vary from image

Each bag is 100% handmade in Colombia and Venezuela and unique in its own way. Colors and patterns may vary slightly from photo.


This tote is the work of two different groups of artisans coming together to create a unique-one-of kind piece of artisanal art. Its classic tote silhouette is handmade by the Wayuu artisans in Venezuela. Its handle, made from werregue fiber, is made by the Wounaan, an indigenous group hailing from the Choco region of Western Colombia.

Our unique werregue handles are made with a natural fiber that comes from the leaves of the werregue palm, a highly resistant and versatile jungle palm native to Western Colombia. Collecting and preparing the werregue palm requires a skill only mastered by men of the Wounann tribe. The creation of the threads and designs of our handles are created by the women of the tribe.

At Soraya Hennessy we pride ourselves in blending ancestral traditions and artisanal practices with bold modern influences. That’s why our werregue handles have a combination of werregue fiber and copper, adding a unique and elevated take on a century old craft. Each pair of handles can take up to 10 days to weave and then are meticulously sewed-on our distinctive crochet totes. 

Height: 33cm/13inches

Width: 43cm/17inches

All of our products are 100% handmade, please treat with love and care. If you have any questions on how to care for your SH products, please reach us at

Kind To People and The Planet 

Female Empowerment

Global Appeal 

Fair Trade And Sustainable Practices

By working closely with local craftsmen and women, Soraya provides a stable source of employment to over 40 Wayuu families, rejecting the fast fashion business model in favor of a more sustainable, environmentally responsible production process.

SORAYA HENNESSY is committed to advancing the economic rights of indigenous women in Colombia and Venezuela. Through offering waged two times industry average for their art, Soraya empowers Wayuu women to become entrepreneurs themselves, as well as encouraging innovation and providing education and training to them and their families. Soraya also makes sure to meet with her artisans whenever she can, and knows the creator of each bag personally. She shuns faceless mass-production in favour of this fair-trade alternative approach, simultaneously supporting vulnerable Wayuu communities and raising awareness about sustainable practices. As all weaving is done by hand, in the home of the artisan without factories or machines, SORAYA HENNESSY champions responsible business practices that supports Wayuu people and the planet.

We invite you take this craftsmanship journey with us, learn more HERE.

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